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Gold Vial and Sphere  get details
Gold-1 (gold in vial)
Gold-2 (gold in sphere)

Real 24 carat gold flakes available in two glass bottles (vial or liquid filled sphere). Decoration on glass vial/sphere itself (black ink only) or attach a mini-custom note (full color).

Pyrite/Fools Gold  get details
Pyrite-1 (box of fools gold)
Pyrite-2 (pouch of fools gold)

Although not gold, pyrite has its own allure and shine. Good sized nuggets capture attention and make a statement.

Flare Alert
YB-1; RB-1

Eco-friendly road flare: Durable, high impact polycarbonate , magnetic base, weather resistant, battery operated, visible for miles, LED technology, crush resistant, easy to use and safe.